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As per the digital transformation plan of the government it is expected the government to make a rapid transformation with adapting digital technologies in next three (3) years. To drive and facilitate this significant cultural shift, it is essential to have capable leaders onboard who could technically facilitate this transformation.
The Digital Economy Strategy ICTA has mandated to development of 500 competent Chief Digital Information Officers (CDIO), 500 Digital Transformation Units, 100,000 NextGen Gov officials and Adopt 500 Digital Maturity model government organizations in the government organizations by end of 2024. Considering the importance of this initiative in digital government transformation, ICTA is keenly moving forward with this initiative at a rapid phase.

About Digital Maturity Model

Learn more about Digital Maturity Model

Digital maturity is a process which the organization goes through in responding appropriately to the digital environment. It does not happen suddenly but takes time. Organizations have to prepare a plan in integrating digital tools in all functions. Understanding the level of digital maturity of an organization is imperative for deciding on digital technologies for implementation. Only technologies that aid in incrementing business outcomes has to be implemented otherwise will result in expenditure and not an investment for the organization. Digital Maturity is also considered as an indicator in understanding whether the organization will adapt in the ever evolving digital era.

As directed by HE, ICTA has already commenced setting up a working committee to formulate the Digital Maturity Model and adapt to Sri Lanka by investigating existing global maturity models. Further ICTA brings together deep industry knowledge and develops the first industry-standard digital maturity assessment tool. The digital Maturity Model is an effective tool to provide guidelines for a clear path throughout the transformation journey.

To identify specific “digital criteria” and “sub divisions” for digital maturity assessment tool for government.

About Chief Digital Information Officer

Learn more about CDIO

“Excellence in leadership for the transformation towards the digitally transformed government”

“Empower and Capacitate CDIOs to drive government digital transformation”

  • Rapid Digital Government transformation
  • Expected cultural shift
  • Evangelist of the digital transformation
  • Sustainable progressive development
  • Operating model with self reliance

“Design and adopt the CDIO model which fit in to the upcoming digital government transformation”

  • Assess and identify capable existing resources and build competent pool of CDIOs through absorption and acquisition
  • Establish the role of CDIO as the change agent who drives digital transformation
  • Enhance the capacity of potential CDIOs
  • Enforce CDIO governance mechanism with authority through the Ministry of Technology
  • Appoint private sector top talent CIO resource panel to support and mentor CDIOs

CDIO is a role that brings together the experience and skills-set of the Chief Information Officer and the Chief Digital officer.

CDIOs are responsible for leading all aspects of IT and digital strategy.


Digital Government Competency Framework- Consultative Briefing  

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