Conversion Programs for non – ICT Graduates

Recent global developments, namely the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, reflect the strong role of ICT in the national and global economy. For example, educational institutions and workplaces have been able to maintain continuity by relying on digital technologies. Rapid technological development can also pose several challenges, such as labor market displacements and increased inequalities, low rate of employment in Non-IT graduates, youths etc. Technological development will also have an impact on required skill sets, highlighting the importance of investing in lifelong learning. One potential solution for addressing those issues is investing in the skills and capabilities of people. In many countries, the global ICT sector is facing a shortage of skilled ICT workers. A lack of skilled labor will constrain future growth and job creation in the sector. But with the right policies and actions in place, including targeted investments in education and skills training can make a significant contribution to advancing decent work and inclusive economic growth at the regional and national level.


The overall focus of this initiative is to design a conversion model for graduated students in Non- ICT to be quickly capacitated to be employable in the ICT Sector. The Below have been identified as the key activities that need to be completed to ensure the framework can be implemented successfully.

Approach on Academic Delivery

Conversion Program Documents
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