NextGenGov Initiative

The ‘NextGenGov Officer’ is a capacity-building initiative focused on increasing the digital literacy of Sri Lankan government officers to achieve a digitally transformed public service through a digitally capable workforce. It is in alignment with ICTA’s ‘Digital Government Competency Framework’, which is designed to develop the unidentified competencies of the government workforce; in a manner where they could use them to navigate the digital transformation journey of the government. The initiative involves learning and adopting digital technologies to bring-in digitalization to the public service, towards the achievement of a digital economy, whilst ensuring a citizen-centric and citizen-friendly public service. Accordingly, the initiative adopts the approach of ‘capacitating and delivering’.

Sri Lanka government officers are mostly engaged with paper-based work. Hence, they are not very familiar with technology because of low digital literacy. Even though they are willing to use new technologies, it is a difficult process for them to get used to new technologies.

Why NextGenGov Officer?

Sri Lanka’s government is in the process of a digital transformation, where government officials become the catalysts that would drive the transformational process. It is pivotal that every government official, irrespective of rank; is capable of getting himself/herself attuned to the technology, to meet the industry as well as national demands; which would in turn increase the digital literacy of the public sector as well as ensure a citizen-centric and citizen-friendly service environment and government.

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