Government Digital Transformation Unit

Digital governance represents a paradigm shift in how governments around the world work. Efforts to improve public service delivery, data-driven decision-making, guaranteeing accountability, enhancing efficiency and productivity, and increasing transparency within government to build public confidence are just a few of the themes that will be explored.

The integration of public administration with ICT technology is critical to the success of digital-government programs and the leadership and support provided are critical to the successful integration of technology and governance. The transformation of government services into digital government necessitates strong and innovative technology leadership, as well as administrative management supplied by the administration.

As the government’s major ICT agency, the government has made several efforts toward putting GoSL’s goal into action. For the people’s convenience, one of the major establishments is the building of a citizen-centric digital government. To complement the GoSL mission, one of the goals is to maintain the sustainability of the organizations by building a Digital Transformation Unit in the public sector.


Structure of the Unit


First and foremost, ICTA must determine which organizations require a Digital Transformation Unit. This will be done following ICTA’s initiatives inside a certain organization. This might also be accomplished by obtaining nominations from the government and through expert judgment.

Then, for all of the selected organizations, a briefing session will be held. Following that, team members will be nominated for DTUs. They will be picked based on the structure and the composition indicated below as well as the organization’s needs.

In addition, the selected team members must complete a Need Assessment to determine their present level of competency. ICTA will develop the unit’s required competencies based on the identified competency gaps.

Then, once the Unit is in place, ICTA will take the necessary steps to ensure that the organization’s digital transformation continues through M&E mechanisms.

Digital Transformation Unit Document
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