An Integrated Capacity Building Approach for Organizational Digital Government Transformation

The spread of technology has transformed societies to become increasingly digital and its adoption is visible everywhere thus, one cannot neglect its impact on governments and how they have effectively utilized technology to achieve operational excellence and improved service delivery to citizens. Hence GoSL must provide citizen-centric services to the citizens providing numerous benefits to citizens, including improved accessibility, increased efficiency, enhanced transparency, better citizen engagement, and improved service delivery.

Building a citizen-centric government involves a fundamental change in the way that government organizations operate and engage with citizens. This requires a cultural shift within the government itself, as well as in the broader society. Implementing digital solutions can bring a cultural shift in the public sector by promoting innovation, transparency, collaboration, agility, and employee empowerment. To bring a cultural shift in the government it is required to build a digitally savvy government. A digital-savvy government refers to a government that effectively leverages digital technologies to improve its operations and services.

Integrated Governance Capacity Building Approach

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