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Lighting Digital National Forum

One intriguing feature that will be highlighted throughout this Lighting Digital National Forum is that the individuals in the community who have benefitted the most from the Lighting Digital Initiative will provide the most moving comments. This will be the definitive demonstration of the capacity-building SBU of ICTA and its stakeholders’ significant contributions to Sri Lanka's digital economy and digital landscape. Besides synergizing and collaborating with stakeholders for ICTA-driven initiatives, this forum will also provide an overview of ICTA's capacity-building projects carried out under the Lighting Digital Initiative and serve as a venue for discussing, reviewing, and commemorating the achievements of the initiatives and project owners who carried out projects throughout the year.

In accordance with the Lighting Digital Initiative, the Capacity Building SBU of ICT Agency Sri Lanka has organized a series of forums for the end of every year with the goal of bringing together all of the important stakeholders: government organizations, industry associations, private sector companies, community-based organizations, international development agencies, regional stakeholder organizations, domain experts, and social activists, with whom ICTA has spent a great deal of time collaborating on their initiatives in order to reflect on the year's progress. 

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